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An Update on “SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare” 
On March 9th, 2014 I made a post about how California state legislator Richard Bloom proposed a bill titled “The Orca Welfare and Safety Act” that would ban orca performances, captive breeding, and the import and export of ‘killer whales.’
Click here to view my original post: “SeaWorld’s Worst Nightmare”.
Shortly after the legislation was proposed SeaWorld hired Pete Montgomery, who was director of government affairs at British Petroleum and has ties to the energy industry, to convince lawmakers to reject Assembly Bill 2140. (via SeaWorld hires energy lobbyist to fight orca ban bill)
The day Bloom announced the legislation on March 7th, 2014 a petition was created on SumOfUs.Org in order to urge the state of California to enact the bill. 
2 days later when I came to Tumblr to post about the legislation and the petition it had already reached its initial goal of 200,000 signatures, but they were still accepting more. As of yesterday morning — just 2 weeks later — 1,013,613 people had lent their names to the campaign. 
The petition has increased its goal from 200,000 signatures to 1,250,000. As of right now there are almost 1,085,000 signatures, meaning we only need less than 165,000 signatures until we reach our goal a second time. 
Click here to view and sign the petition to the state of California.
You don’t need to make an account with the website. The only requirements are your name, e-mail address, and zip code so please take a moment to lend your name to the campaign. 
As Bloom said when announcing his bill, “There is no justification for the continued captive display of orcas for entertainment purposes. These beautiful creatures are much too large and far too intelligent to be confined in small, concrete tanks for their entire lives.” 
SeaWorld hired Montgomery in an attempt to defeat the bill to ensure that they can continue making profit from the mistreatment and torture of these poor whales. So please help put an end to their mistreatment by signing the petition and spreading the word. 



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